About Us

Nx Gear is a technology company, our mission is to revolutionize the "tech" world market by giving each of our devices a second life and reducing electronic prices. Nx Gear is an American based company, a well-established seller for our tech products, like our brand new 2023 Galaxy LED Projector and our hyper releastic 1:3 pistol keychains!

Why choose Nx Gear?

We all know someone who has had a bad experience buying items on online websites and even second-hand platforms. Nx Gear wants to turn the buying of online items into a seamless and trustworthy experience. Nx Gear provides its customers with peace of mind, guaranteed satisfaction, and unbeatable prices with over 75,000 satisfied customers! 


Every Galaxy Projector & Pistol keychain from Nx Gear goes through rigorous quality control tests. If a problem arises, your 30-day warranty entitles you for the same model at no cost! In addition, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have up to 30 days to return it.