About Our Planetarium Projector

Inspired by the boundless wonder and beauty of the cosmos

Bring the night sky indoors and explore the universe from the comfort of your own home with our cutting-edge Planetarium Projector.

Equipped with seven diverse film sheets with real NASA satellite imagery, this projector offers an unparalleled journey through the cosmos.

Witness shooting stars and meteor showers with a touch of realism, all in high-resolution 1080p (HD) projection. For a truly immersive experience, opt for the optional auto-rotation feature, mirroring the motion of the night sky.

Discover the mysteries of the universe and ignite your curiosity as you embark on a breathtaking celestial adventure with our state-of-the-art Planetarium Projector.

  • Eco-Friendly 

  • 30-Day Retuns

  • Lightning-Speed Delivery

  • 5-Star Rating

Frequently Asked Questions

How big of an area does the projector cover?

The coverage area depends on the distance between the projector and the projection surface. It can illuminate an area of approximately 30x30 feet when positioned at a distance of 10 feet.

When will my order be shipped?

We ship orders every day, seven days a week for your convenience.

It usually takes us 1-3 days to process, pack, and ship out your order. Once it's shipped, you'll receive an automatic email with your tracking information.

Once your order ships out, you can track your order on our site by clicking here

What is included in the package?

When your order arrives, you'll receive the following:

1x NxGear™ Planetarium Projector.

7x Different film sheets.

1x USB-C cable.

1x User Manual.

1x Travel safe box.

All of this comes packed in our travel safe box with foam inserts ensuring safe travels!

Does it come with a warranty?

Absolutely! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your space projector within the first 30 days of receiving it, contact our customer support, and we'll assist you with the return process.

Your satisfaction is our top priority :)